A New School Year

School starts this week, August 18.  This is the earliest my district has ever begun.  I remember in the old days when we used to start the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Summers were longer in those days, but we didn’t get a week off at Thanksgiving and a week off in February.  I guess it all balances out.

Today’s piece is about giving you a sneak peek into a teacher’s mind before school starts–a peek with a writing emphasis, of course.  The physical part of getting ready for the first day of school involves arranging desks and putting up bulletin boards.  I’m excited as I staple borders around blank walls, envisioning the student projects (writing) that will soon fill the space.

Then there’s the academic preparation.  I pore over last year’s test results and celebrate the successes of students who worked very hard all year.  I peek at this year’s class and am blown away by how high their scores are.  They will be expecting to be challenged!  I think I can manage that.  NaNoWriMo, here we come!

Finally, there’s the emotional preparation.  It’s a new year, full of new problems, new drama, and new faces.  I am very excited to get started!  I want to read the fabulous stories my new students will write, and I want to hear the sixth grade teachers marvel over how well prepared my last year’s students are.

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8 thoughts on “A New School Year”

  1. Hi, Mrs. Ulleseit! How do u like your new class? Yesterday, Mrs. Hsu assigned us an essay to see where we were in writing, kind of like you did at the beginning of last year. Thanks to you, and many other wonderful teachers I have had in the past, writing the essay was very simple. I can’t wait to show the sixth grade teachers our writing skills!

  2. Yes, I will! Prachi, my friend, is in your class. I told her all about you, and she is very excited to be in your class. I am happy for her too.

  3. Yep, we’re going to have a great year thanks to all the preparation you gave us! Sadly, I may not be able to do NaNo this year thanks to massive overloads of homework.

      1. Thanks, and I will still try to squeeze in a couple thousand words, even if that is all I can do.

  4. I am SO sad that I have to leave your class Mrs. Ulleseit. Too bad I won’t have time to miss you though, caught up in TOOOOOOO much sixth grade work. Also when you said that sixth grade science had rock in every sentence you really meant it. LOL!!

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