Help! I Need a NaNo Plot!

Actually, I don’t need a plot myself, but I know some of my students are panicking.  Others have just decided they will do NaNoWriMo this November and are scrambling for ideas.  I live to be helpful, so here are some ideas!  Feel free to use or modify any that appeal to you.

Start by thinking of relationships and personalities you see around you every day and brainstorm a list. Examples: mother and daughter, best friends, teacher and student, brother and sister, grandfather and grandson.

Now think about what can happen to these people.  What kind of conflicts exist between them?  Make sure the event you come up with is a major confrontation of epic proportions–something really important.  For example, a really good student is paired with a student who never does homework for a major project.  The teacher insists they work together.

Next, envision how you want your story to end.  Your main character should learn something, should show a change as a result of what they experience in your story.  Maybe at the end of your story the project comes out well and the good student is proud.

So now go back to the beginning.  Plan the setting and the details of the relationships between the students and the teacher.  Plan distinct events that lead up to the project presentation, events that increasingly frustrate your main character.  Then plan the falling action–what happens after the project is presented?

The events are easy to come up with once you have your basic idea.  Again, how do you come up with your basic idea?  Start with what you know, with relationships and situations that are familiar to you.  With that basis, you can make the characters elves or wizards or vampires or dogs.  The reader will still be able to identify with the situation, and that’s what’s important.


So what situations can you come up with?  Let’s help each other out!

Days until NaNoWriMo: 5


2 thoughts on “Help! I Need a NaNo Plot!”

  1. I have a situation! You could have a squirrel trapped in the desert with an alligator. Even though they have nothing in common, they need to work together to escape.

    1. I have one.

      The world is panicking when 1/3 of the entire human population has died in a span of 10 days. Everyone is asking the same question.

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