Sybil Nelson Interview

Priscilla interviews her creator, Sybil Nelson.

Hey, hold up. Before click away into cyberspace, I gotta tell you this is not religious or anything. My creator is none other than Sybil Nelson, author of Priscilla the Great. And I’m Priscilla. I’m a lean, mean, tween, machine and I want to tell you all about my world. But I thought a more fun way to do that would be to interview the person who created me. I think she might know me better than I know myself. So here it goes:

Priss: Hey Sybil. What’s up?

Sybil: Not much.

Priss: Quick, tell everyone five interesting things about yourself.

Sybil:  Okay, let’s see. I’m a wife and mother of two little girls. I’m a PhD student. I love to write in my spare time and create new realities. I taught high school math and dance for nine years. And I love Justin Bieber.

Priss: Whoa. Wait. What? You love Justin Bieber?

Sybil: And not just Justin. I love all pop music. I was just “whippin my hair” to the latest Willow Smith song this afternoon.

Priss: For future reference, I would just like to request that you do not have me singing any pop music in future books.

Sybil: Not a problem. You’re a horrible singer anyway.

Priss: Good point. So where did you get the inspiration for my character and my powers and my quirky little town of River’s Bend?

Sybil: Well, you are actually a compilation of two of my students named Helen and Ellen. They were two hilarious girls that I taught a couple of years ago. Helen especially would come to class each day with a new story of something weird that happened to her or that she did. Your personality came from her. And you looks came from Ellen. As for your town, I like to think of it as a kind of Stars Hollow from the TV show Gilmore Girls. It’s small, quaint and tight nit. Everyone knows everything about everyone…well, except for the fact that you can shoot fire out of your fingers.

Now your powers, that’s kind of a crazy story. Originally, Priscilla Maxine Sumner was a girl who got super powers along with her first period.

Priss: Wait. What? Is that why my initials spell PMS? How embarrassing!

Sybil: I know. It was a funny story, but an editor at HarperCollins talked me into taking out that angle. So instead of The Adventures of PMS Girl, we now have Priscilla the Great. Unfortunately, they rejected the book in the end and I decided to publish it myself.

Priss: Awesome. Although it would have been cool to have my period bring me something other than cramps and cravings!

Sybil: I know! That’s what I said.

Priss: So what was your favorite book when you were my age?

Sybil : Oh, tough question. I did love books by Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary, but I think around your age I also started to get into Romance novels…as embarrassing as that is.

Priss: Oh, so does that explain the romance between me and…

Sybil : Priss! Don’t give away any plot points of the book! We want people to buy it remember!

Priss: Right, which reminds me, when can they buy it?

Sybil: Books one and two are available now. Book three will be available in eBook form some time in July and in paperback in August.  Be sure to go to the website www.priscillathegreat.com to read excerpts, watch movie trailers, or vote on who plays the characters in the movie.

Priss: Wait. Movie? There’s gonna be a movie?

Sybil: Yep, movie rights have already been sold.

Priss: Well, who is playing me!!!

Sybil: Go to the website and see who’s winning the poll. And everyone should sign up for the newsletter. Newsletter subscribers will get a discounted autographed version of the book, plus they’ll be entered to different prizes each month.

Priss: Well, thanks for taking the time to talk with me Sybil.  But I’m also kind of upset with you for putting that Whip My Hair song in my head. Good Lord, that song should win EarWorm of the Year!

Thank you, Priss and Sybil! Now go enter the contest to win a free copy of book 2!

In paperback: Priscilla the Great by Sybil Nelson (of course!)


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