American Dream

American Dream

by Albert

Every person has a different version of the ‘American Dream.’ To some, it is finding their ‘soul mate.’ To others, it would be great wealth or power, maybe positions or ambitions. As I said, everyone differs. However, the general idea of the ‘American Dream’ remains the same – success.

Ever since America was created, the American Dream was the main viewpoint. For example, the group that traveled with Columbus to create America in itself had an ‘American Dream.’ For most, they wanted to start a new life, or have a free share of religion and personal thoughts. For others, they were compelled by greed, hoping of finding great wealth and/or power. But like I said, the general idea remains the same – They wish for success. Later on, many other people became pictures of the American Dream. The ideal version changed, as such with wealth, or the wish of freedom, or sometimes even the maddening of a ideal religion.

People may differ in their opinions whether or not the American Dream was beneficial for America itself. For example, it may ruin lives due to people searching and become greedy to become their picture perfect version of the American Dream. But it mostly was beneficial for America, because of the fair, kind people who worked their ways up and went to success, helping others among the way. Take Abraham Lincoln, for example. He compelled, and even with his backround, he aided the colored people and soon managed to secure freedom for the American Indians and Africans.

Whether or not your American Dream is to become wealthy, gain knowledge, or power in itself,  the American Dream is prominent in almost everyone. After all, beginning from Christopher Columbus’s beginning, the American Dream is what made our country prosper. What is your American Dream?

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