Good News!

   On July 15, I pressed send and immediately starting nibbling my fingers nervously. I had officially begun querying my novel, On a Wing and a Dare. Hours later, I had a request from the publisher for the full manuscript. I did a happy dance and sent it. More nervous nail nibbling ensued.

Most publishers say to allow a standard six to eight week window before you can expect a response, so I tried to focus on getting ready for school to start. I also worked on my new novel, Under the Almond Trees. But every morning I held my breath as I checked my email.

Tonight my husband I returned from the gym sweaty after a good workout. I sat down to drink a protein shake and check my email. And there it was. An email from the acquisitions editor at Briona Glen Publishing.

She wants to publish my book.

She wants more books, ‘at least’ a trilogy.

I have some work to do. She listed seven items I need to focus on rewriting, some of them major but none of them deal breakers. Most importantly, she loves my writing.

And she wants to publish my book!

Stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about the process of becoming a published author. Did you catch that?

A published author.

On my Kindle: A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin

8 thoughts on “Good News!”

      1. Mrs. Ulleseit, it is physically impossible for me to be ‘Bright and Bushy-Tailed’ as you so elegantly put it.
        I am constantly paranoid with severe cases of paranoia and multi-personality disorders, which leads to lack of sleep occasionally.
        As a mother, I’m sure you understand the effects of lack of sleep for a child.
        (\ (\
        ( . .)


  1. Contracts are fickle, Mrs. Ulleseit. As a child, I do not have experience with larger forms of blackmail and contract-tricking, but I have read plenty of betrayal books and if even half of them are true, it should be a careful ground you tread. Assuringly, however, you are most likely more wise than I, and not need this information.
    Gah, I’ve been overcome with old english. The next thing I know, I’ll start replacing I’s with Y’s…


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