New Year, New Opportunity

Today I was in my classroom for most of the day. Last week I hung bulletin boards, so today I was finishing up bulletin boards, arranging desks, and plugging in technology. As I like to do this time of year, though, I took a moment to sit and enjoy.

August classrooms are like new outfits. They are clean and pressed, with a life of their own. Only through hard use do they conform to the people within and develop character. I like the promise of a new classroom, like that of a new outfit. That new outfit will make me feel dressed up, make me look thinner. The new classroom will hold students who are eager to learn and excited to tackle whatever I give them.

If you are a student, or a parent, or even a teacher, I know you are looking at the upcoming school year in a positive light. Everyone hopes for a good year, a good combination of teacher, homework, classmates, and experiences. If I could only bottle the hope and excitement of the first day of school, I’d be rich.

So how do we all cling to that positive vibe? Refuse to listen to that negative person inside that tempts you to fall into the same bad habits. Take one day at a time, and do your very best. If you miss a homework assignment, make it up quickly and smile. Stay positive. Absolutely do NOT let that nagging voice convince you that you can’t do it.

Any new experience, a new job, a new novel, a new summer camp, can be a fantastic experience if we are able to stay positive throughout. It’s not easy, because the self-bashing person inside is very quick to tell us we’re not good enough. Surround yourself with people who will overwhelm the negatives, not add to them.

I know you can be positive and happy, if maybe a little nervous, on the first day of school. Set yourself a little goal–be positive and happy on the second day, too. Take care of anything that gets in your way immediately, and move on to your confident spot. One day at a time.

Speaking for teachers everywhere, I am excited to greet my new class and get started! See you all next week.

On my Kindle: The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Opportunity”

  1. Very well said! So smart to set a goal for the *second* day! Wishing you and your lucky students a wonderful year.


  2. Great ideas and great sentiment. I wish you could come to my community and give a pep talk to all the students, teachers, and parents. You must be a valued member of your school!


  3. You are my second favorite teacher ever(And that’s saying something, because I had around what, seventeen or so teachers) My favorite teacher is my favorite because she taught me Korean and helped a lot in getting over cultural problems and stuff.
    But you’re still awsome.(REALLY AWSOME!)



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