NaNoWriMo Week Three

Those of you who have participated in National Novel Writing Month before are asking, “Why is she writing about week THREE? Week TWO need lots more encouragement than Week Three!” You are absolutely correct. Week Two is a nightmare. Week Two is harder than cooking dinner for a houseful of family on Thanksgiving. Week Two is about sore wrists and frustration and maybe a few whining comments to a confused spouse. Week Three is much more fun.

So last week, when I should have been writing encouraging words for your second week of NaNo, I was compiling report cards, planning for parent conferences, carrying off a super NaNoWriMo kickoff, and entertaining a reporter in my classroom (she wrote a wonderful article about NaNo!). All of this left me 5,000 words behind in my own novel as of this morning. Yup, Week Two can be devastating.

On Friday, the local Evergreen Times came out with a wonderful article about our kickoff written by San Jose City Councilmember Rose Herrera. She dropped in at our kickoff and talked to some of the 60 young writers who attended. She was very impressed! Then this morning, the terrific article by reporter Sharon Noguchi of the San Jose Mercury News ran on the front page of the Local section. Both of these community members were very impressed by the work of our sixth graders, and the fourth and sixth graders at aother school.

Thrilled with both articles, I posted them on Facebbook and they went as viral as anything I have posted. Both were reposted a half dozen times, and comments flew across cyberspace. With that kind of positive press, I HAD to catch up on my own 2011 novel! So I began typing.

And I did it. I’m now at 21,674 words (with a goal of 50,000)! That gets me caught up. It was a marathon day of writing and recognition, and I wish the same for all of you who are toiling away at a NaNo novel. Rejoice in each level of achievement!

From now on, it’s easy. You have so much of your novel completed, how can you possibly stop now? Pour yourself another cup of coffee (or mug of hot chocolate) and keep plugging away at it. You’ve turned the corner, and the rest is downhill. Goal: 50% completion by November 15!

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3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Week Three”

  1. Go go go everyone! I haven’t been able to attend NaNo this year, due to vast amounts of homework, but I’m sure that everyone in your class and around the district are doing well! Third week is annoying, but definitely is encouraging when you see your novel taking shape.

    1. It was too hard… I attempted a thirty-thousand, but I did so many accidents that I had to erase twenty-thousand words! D:
      Still, Amrita is going strong – she’ll beat your record by six thousand 🙂

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