Summer Scribbler 2012 Contest Announced

oh boy, oh boy, it’s another CONTEST!!!!

Summer Scribbler 2012

Welcome back to SUMMER! This year I have an exciting prize: an autographed paperback copy of my own book, ON A WING AND A DARE!

Beginning June 9, 2012, and running until September 1, 2012, I will track comments posted to any page of either of my blogs.

Books, Books, Books — On this blog you can read posts about teaching writing or with tips for certain types of writing. You can also read reviews of YA books written by me or by my students, and posts about what I have to say about teaching reading. Comment on any and all of them!

Flying Horse Books — This is the site for my novels. You can find fun facts about ON A WING AND A DARE, and read a bit of the sequel I am working on this summer. Comments encouraged!

NOTE!  I will only count thought-provoking posts that add to the thread.  Posts like: ‘Yeah, I like that’ will NOT be counted.

DOUBLE NOTE!!  I will give double points to each posting that is a sample of YOUR OWN writing.  Good or bad, toss it up here.  I will give you some feedback to make it better, and I’m sure my loyal readers will, too.

TRIPLE NOTE!!! You do not have to be a student or former student of mine.  I will mail the prize directly to the winner.

Start writing, my friends!  Summer has begun!

On my Kindle: The Quest by Wilbur Smith

6 thoughts on “Summer Scribbler 2012 Contest Announced”

  1. Warms my heart when others share in the creativity of writing. Think about it, the imagination just goes wild and unlimited and the fun begins! Expressing oneself through words and allowing the reader to peak inside your mind just a little is like having a conversation with them in person.


  2. I’m going to attempt to win this year’s Summer Scribbler. Sadly, the only writing I’m going to do much of this summer developing is a geometry curriculum for my brother. :c


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