Nicola Palmer: Favorites

Nicola, what are your three favorite parts of your book, Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis?

1. The metamorphosis  – obviously!

2. Alice: ‘I don’t do nice.’

3. ‘There she was again!  That blonde girl in the mirror who looked perfectly normal, but was gradually realizing she was anything but.’

Those are great picks! My own favorites are:

1. The Finwip society. What a great concept! I am totally entranced by the notion of fairies evolving to exist in modern human society. Without giving too much of a spoiler, I’ll say that the village of the Finwips is a special place that will stay with you long after you put the book down.

2. The wings themselves on the new age fairies were beautiful and unique. I loved their description and the explanation as to why they were so different.

3. Alice’ brother is a typical older brother. He ignores her and keeps to himself. But he makes my favorite list because he is completely supportive when she begins to change.

Come back tomorrow for my review of Nicola’s book.

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