Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis

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Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis, by Nicola Palmer, is a delightful tale of a young girl transitioning into her teen years. For Alice, though, the transition is a bit different. I won’t spoil the magic of her transformation, but I will tell you that she is not as alone as she thinks she is at the time. Children will be able to relate to Alice feeling alone during stressful times only to be warmly supported out of nowhere. Alice’s support system is as magical and wonderful as she is herself. Watch for minor characters in the early part of the book foreshadowing that support later!

The book is not all sunshine and beauty, however. As soon as she is warmly welcomed into her new world, Alice is sent to rescue a man from a dangerous situation. This adds tension to the story, but it’s not too dark. This book is great for upper elementary kids, or preteens who need a break from dark paranormal or vampires.

Alice Parker and the Mind Magician, the second book in the series, is now available.

Book 3 of Alice Parker’s Adventures will be released at the beginning of August 2012.

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