Journey to the Fringe

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Journey to the Fringe, by Kelli Swofford Nielsen, is the first book in the Stone Mage Wars trilogy. I love a good fantasy, and this one does not disappoint. It’s a good recommendation for young readers who are new to fantasy and not used to keeping track of complicated worlds since the author takes her time in the beginning to introduce the large cast of characters and set up the action.

Princess Ivy is kidnapped, and a small band of unlikely rescuers sets out to save her. During the course of the novel, each one discovers hidden strength they didn’t know they had. This is a great message for young readers.

The world of Lyria and its elemental magic is described with such beauty that it makes me want to travel there–after Princess Ivy takes care of those Southerners, of course. Everyone knows that magic and its use must be believable. Its one of the hardest things about writing a world with magic. The use of tradestones to connect the mage with the power rings true, and everything is woven together well so that it all works.

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  1. This book is probably has one of the most classic plot I’ve ever read. (Other than Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, of course.) I absolutely adore how the beloved Princess Ivy is kidnapped, but a bunch of oddballs go out and save her. I’m really looking forward to tracking down this book to read it. I honestly quite excited to read it. [:

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