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This week I’m featuring Christine Keleny, author of The Red Velvet Box.

I am a writer, reader, author and publisher. I am a mother of two, mostly grown, children and a wife (second time ’round). My second job to writing is as a physical therapist managing a PT clinic. I jumped into the world of blogging because I’ve found – as the wordy person I am – twitter and facebook don’t allow me to pontificate to my heart’s desire.

I started writing in college (a while ago!) and haven’t stopped since. For a reason I don’t really know, ʼround about 2003 I decided I wanted to write a novel. Up to that point I had been writing short children’s stories, but never pursued publication. In March of 2008 Rosebloom was born. And as any writer can tell you, it was a birth! It was perhaps a bit more for me since I self published the work, which isn’t particularly hard, but just takes a lot of time. (I didn’t use on online method but went through a brick and mortar printer).

In 2010 I published book II in the series – A Burnished Rose – and I’m busy on the screenplay for that same story, on Rose III (I haven’t come up with a title yet), and a memoir for a friend who is a recovering addict. Recently I wrote a Christmas story titled, The Red Velvet Box, because I was inspired.  In general, I love writing and reading, and I’m having the time of my life!

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