Aha! Another grammar fanatic like me! Former students, does this sound like anyone you know?

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Nothing screams, “I’m not really a writer,” like bad grammar. I don’t mean the occasional typo, because I’m the world’s worst for typing something in a hurry and sneaking in a few mistakes that I fully knew better about. I’m talking about the full-on lack of grammatical convention.

This one kills me: “A policeman can only be pushed so far, because a cop has their limits.” Oh, heck no. How many policemen were mentioned in the previous sentence? HINT: does it end with “mAn” or “mEn?” The word used was “policeman.” Singular. Therefore, the possessive pronoun used at the end of the sentence can’t be “their” but should rather be “his.”

This is only one stand-alone example of some of the horrible grammar I’m seeing actually making it to print in the world of publishing today. Whether it’s from the overabundance of writers who decide to self-publish without hiring an…

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