What’s in a Cover?



The cover of a book is an important marketing tool. I know I have skimmed right past hundreds of books whose covers did not grab my attention. Never did I appreciate the difficulty of choosing a cover until I had written my own book.

ON A WING AND A DARE was first published in May of 2011 with a stunning black and white cover. Online, the cover appeared solid black but the actual in-person cover had slashes of royal blue through the black. In one printing, the royal blue was actually purple. When I left my publisher in December, I needed to find a new cover.

This cover is one of three coordinated covers for my flying horse trilogy done by Tirzah Goodwin. For other designs by Tirzah, check out her blog, A Clever Whatever. In this case, it’s a clever cover!

I hope the colors in this one print well…you can order one yourself on Amazon by the end of January 2013. Stay tuned here for the announcement!

In the meantime, what are your favorite covers? They don’t have to be children’s books, or even books you liked. What covers made you pick up the book?

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