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A Swan’s Journey

A Swan’s Journey

by Sean

The Trumpet of the Swan, by E. B. White, is about a swan named Louis who goes on a journey to pay off his father’s debt. I like how the author thought of the idea of writing a book about a journey of a swan.

When I read the first part of the story, I felt bad for Louis because he couldn’t talk. I couldn’t imagine a life if I could not talk. I bet that if I could not speak, I could not do things like make friends, telling people certain things, and expressing myself through talking. That would be frustrating for me. I was surprised that Louis could do things that most people do like going to school, getting a job, and paying off his father’s debt. I never would have thought, by the cover of the book, that it was going to be a story of a trumpeter swan’s life.

In about the middle of the story, Louis gets a trumpet that his father stole from a music store. When Louis first tried to play it, it was hard. I know how Louis felt when he first tried out the trumpet. I play the violin. When I first tried to play it, I could not get any of the notes to sound correctly. I had trouble holding and placing my fingers down on the strings. When this happened, I was even more determined to keep on practicing. Eventually, I was able to play songs. I never gave up, just like Louis.

I enjoyed reading this great book by E. B. White because of the awesome journey a trumpeter swan took to pay off his father’s debt. After I read this book, it was instantly one of my favorites. E.B. White did a great job writing the book.

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