A Swan’s Journey

imagesA Swan’s Journey

by Sean

The Trumpet of the Swan, by E. B. White, is about a swan named Louis who goes on a journey to pay off his father’s debt. I like how the author thought of the idea of writing a book about a journey of a swan.

When I read the first part of the story, I felt bad for Louis because he couldn’t talk. I couldn’t imagine a life if I could not talk. I bet that if I could not speak, I could not do things like make friends, telling people certain things, and expressing myself through talking. That would be frustrating for me. I was surprised that Louis could do things that most people do like going to school, getting a job, and paying off his father’s debt. I never would have thought, by the cover of the book, that it was going to be a story of a trumpeter swan’s life.

In about the middle of the story, Louis gets a trumpet that his father stole from a music store. When Louis first tried to play it, it was hard. I know how Louis felt when he first tried out the trumpet. I play the violin. When I first tried to play it, I could not get any of the notes to sound correctly. I had trouble holding and placing my fingers down on the strings. When this happened, I was even more determined to keep on practicing. Eventually, I was able to play songs. I never gave up, just like Louis.

I enjoyed reading this great book by E. B. White because of the awesome journey a trumpeter swan took to pay off his father’s debt. After I read this book, it was instantly one of my favorites. E.B. White did a great job writing the book.

13 thoughts on “A Swan’s Journey”

  1. And you did a great job writing this review! You’ve become such a wonderful writer, Sean. Must be the great teachers you’ve had!!
    Mrs. Whyte

  2. Nice review. i liked how it was very descriptive and the story seems very interesting to me. i wonder where u can read the book.

  3. Wow, this book sounds so good, Sean. After reading your review I think I will buy The Trumpet of the Swan for my grandson. Thanks for helping me find it,

  4. Louis’s determination to show others how he feels is astonishing. He would sacrifice his amazing ability to swim professionally to express his feelings to others.

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