Community Service

        book_and_feather    Hooray for Community Service!

by Taman

            The voices of cheerful kids ring in your ears. As you look around, you see smiling kids chattering while piling toys and books into trucks for the needy. Even though some students and adults may think that community service is a waste of time, I strongly believe that doing it is very helpful and critical to a student’s learning of good morals and ethics. Performing good works is beneficial because it teaches kids to care for the community, prepares students for the future, and makes children more responsible.

Some folks may think that doing community service won’t educate children anything useful; however, it can actually encourage students to care for their society. When kids do community service like picking up trash or planting trees, you are cleaning the environment. In the end, the environment will be more fresh and improved. Everyone will be happier! People will no longer have to breathe in yucky, polluted air. If adults and children inhale the disgusting air surrounding them, their bodies will be affected negatively. Nobody wants that to happen! Also, animals will now be more peaceful and cheerful since their habitats will be more sanitary. Animals will also have a smaller chance of dying or getting sick.

People may assume that good work will not actually do anything wonderful for children’s futures, but in reality, it can actually make their future easier and brighter! When kids begin to do community service, it will go onto their application for admission to college. Consequently, there will be a big chance that they can get into one of the best colleges just because of that. Once they get into their particular college, they can start trying to achieve their goals to become a doctor, dentist, professional basketball player, and much more. After that, they will become very successful and can make a lot of money to support their family and themselves. Their parents will be instantly full of joy just to see what their child has accomplished after many years of hard work. But making students’ futures brighter even more excellent isn’t the only reason why community services are fantastic.

Peer pressure from students’ classmates may play a role in this as well. Others may scoff the idea of doing community services because they think that it will not improve their “reputation” nor make their parents happier. In fact, they believe that community service may cause their parents to even expect more out of them and therefore causing them to do more work, but when students do good work, parents start to realize how independent their child is. Everyone will look up to them as responsible, hardworking kids. No one will ever think of them as lazy couch potatoes who watch T.V all day. After that, adults will trust their children to do bigger tasks. Some of the tasks are to babysit their little brother or sister, owning a pet, having a phone, and much more.

Students should do community service because it educates students to take care of their own community and make kids ready for their future. It also creates an opportunity for children to have more responsibility. I encourage parents and teachers to create more opportunities to perform community service as part of school.

7 thoughts on “Community Service”

  1. Taman, this was really good. I liked your power ones and your topic. Your hook really got me! “The voices of cheerful kids ring in your ears. As you look around, you see smiling kids chattering while piling toys and books into trucks for the needy.”

  2. Taman,
    This persuasive essay is amazing! Before I read this, I didn’t really like community service, but you convinced me that it is worth it!

  3. Community service is a very important thing to do. After reading this, I’m even more convinced. You have lots of very good reasons.

  4. You’ve convinced me. Some very strong reasons for signing up for community service. I hope you’ve convinced others at your school, Taman. This is a very powerful message. Well done.

  5. I think this is a very powerful and thoughtful message! From your opinions and strong topics, I think community service is fantastic! Yay! Keep up the good work.

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