March Flash Blog!

The natural landscape with the storm, overcast sky and lonely treeFor 21 days in March I will be participating in a Blog Flash. Each day I will put up a short post in response to a prompt for the day. It will run on weekdays only. Keep me honest and bug me if you don’t see a post on time!

I’m doing this on both my blogs. On FLYING HORSE BOOKS I will try to write to the prompt but include references to my books. On BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, I will tailor my postst to book reviews or teaching. Check back often during March to see how I’m doing.


Day 1: Laughter

Day 2: Technology

Day 3: Innocence

Day 4: Books

Day 5; Health

Day 6: Island

Day 7: Nature

Day 8: Chocolate

Day 9: Spring

Day 10: Time

Day 11: Running

Day 12: Music

Day 13: Darkness

Day 14: Home

Day 15: Friendship

Day 16: Community

Day 17: Water

Day 18: Money

Day 19: City

Day 20: Education

Day 21: Success

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