The natural landscape with the storm, overcast sky and lonely tree    Day #7! Nature

It’s in my nature to write. Before I could write, I read books all day in every genre. Throughout my school years I enjoyed writing all types of essays, stories, and poetry. My essential nature developed around my love of the written word (whether I or someone else has written it). So after fifty years of practicing my craft, I have gotten quite good at spotting errors in print. Nothing ruins a book faster for me than poor editing. It’s such a disappointment, now that it is so easy for anyone to publish a book, to see so many books with spelling and grammar mistakes. Such mistakes provide poor role models for aspiring readers and writers!

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  1. I’ve enjoyed writing ever since… I don’t even remember when. I learned to read and write early, before school and since then I have been writing writing writing.

    So I know how you feel! 🙂

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