Island of the Blue Dolphins

islandIsland of the Blue Dolphins

by Grace and Jonathan for Novel Madness 2013

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Some people may think that Hunger Games might be a good book, but most people strongly believe that Island of the Blue Dolphins is a wonderful historical fiction, with vivid description and is wonderfully written.

Although Hunger Games is an okay story, Island of the Blue Dolphins is a fantastic historical fiction based on a real girl. She was left on the island in 1865 with her brother. This book is about Karana, a Nicoleño girl, who had to learn to survive on her own after her family and tribe left on a boat for California. But this book not only is a fantastic historical fiction, it also has wonderful description.

Even though some people may think that the Hunger Games might be a great book, most people know that the Island of the Blue Dolphins has vivid description. Many times in the book I felt like I was right beside Karana for everything that she saw. For example, when she say the Ault’s ship in the beginning of the book, I could picture myself in the book squinting as hard as I could, trying to see the ship that looked like a floating shell. But as it got closer, I could see its beauty with red sails flapping in the wind as the boat came closer to shore.

Hunger Games might have some good language in some parts of the book; however, Island of the Blue Dolphins is very thrilling and clear. This book was so good it won a John Newbery medal for the most distinguished contribution to children’s literature. And most people agree that Island of the Blue Dolphins deserves it.

Some people may think Hunger Games is an excellent book, but Island of the Blue Dolphins is the best book you will ever read. This book is based on a true story and has a wonderful description. Island of the Blue Dolphins is also greatly written. Island of the Blue Dolphins is the #1 book. Now vote for Island of the Blue Dolphins for the Novel Madness winner!

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6 thoughts on “Island of the Blue Dolphins”

  1. This is great! I’ve read this book before and I agree with you! It has vivid description and is written clearly and precise. It’s a wonderful historical fiction!

  2. This book is great! Great storyline and description! Its amazing though how Karana manages to live by adapting to her environment. I totally agree that its greatly written. The description of the book is so great, that you can imagine that you’re there with Karana in the island!

  3. In this story you feel Karana’s emotions easily. This is one of the best historical fiction books I have ever read! :).

  4. In this story Karana is strong and fights to survive. I could feel how scared she was, I could feel that i was Karana and I was stranded. Great Book!

  5. This book is so interesting, I read this book at 4th grade with the whole class. It’s a very wonderful historical fiction book. When it was getting near to the end, some of my classmates were about to cry because her dog died. I got sad too. This is such an emotional book. 🙂

  6. This book is very interesting. I read this book since 4 grade. The book is sad and it also has adventure in it. I feel sad when one of the character died. it is cool when Karana was exploring around the beach
    and caves.

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