Mark of Athena

athenaMark of Athena

by William and Megan for Novel Madness 2013

Greek and Roman mythology have amazing stories that most people don’t get to enjoy. Though some people might think that Mark of Athena is boring, we believe that you should vote for it. We believe this because it’s easy to get hooked on, it has a good plot, and it’s educational.

A few people may think that Harry Potter is a better book, but most people know that Mark of Athena is easy to get hooked on. The book has very good, vivid descriptions. This helps make readers visualize the great adventure. Also, the book is very suspenseful.  This makes the readers want to see what happens. Mark of Athena is also easy to connect to. I once felt as left out as Leo, and I wanted to see how he handled the situation.

You might think that The Mark of Athena’s ending is too short; however, that just emphasizes the great plot. This book has two cultures mixed together. Most people have never thought of writing two cultures together in such a great book. The book is also well written. We could picture the story in our minds. The Mark of Athena also is way more exciting than The Goblet of Fire because it has different adventures at the same time. For example you are reading a chapter about Percy, Piper, and Jason. Then the chapter ends and now you are reading about Annabeth. You are so excited because you are wondering what will happen to Percy, Jason, and Piper.

Although you may think that The Goblet of Fire is funnier and more exciting than the Mark of Athena, the Mark of Athena is both of those things plus it is educational. This book teaches two different cultures and puts it into one story. Even though it is fiction and fantasy, it still teaches you facts about the Greek and Roman gods and cultures. The Mark of Athena inspired us to read more Greek and Roman mythology. Also the book is really long so you challenge yourself by trying to read it. It is five hundred seventy-four pages. Lots of people’s, in the grade levels 6-7, average number of pages in books is about 250-350 pages. The Mark of Athena has great vocabulary that you can learn. If you don’t understand a word, there are lots of context clues to help you understand it. Vocabulary helps you in many subjects in school such as reading, writing, English, and grammar.

Not a lot of people experience reading about Greek and Roman myths. Though some people may say that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a better book, you should vote for the Mark of Athena. We believe this because it is easy to get hooked on to, and it is educational. It also has a great plot. Make sure to vote for the Mark of Athena.

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6 thoughts on “Mark of Athena”

  1. Nice job Mark and Atti! I really enjoyed your speech of HP and The Goblet Of Fire. I think you deserved to go a little further!

  2. You also did an excellent job, Megan and William! Your speech really inspired me to read Mark of Athena.

  3. The Mark of Athena is one of my favorite books. I was really happy to be chosen to write a persuasive essay for it. I love how they leave you on a cliff hanger at the end of the book. It makes you want to read the book after it, in this case, The House of Hades.

  4. The Mark of Athena is a really funny and suspenseful book – you can’t say no to that. But the cliffhanger where Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus? That would be great if The House of Hades came out a day later, but it didn’t. I’m sure the wait for it nearly drove a lot of fans crazy.

  5. The Mark of Athena has wonderful sensory details that make you feel like you are there watching the whole time. Also the characters are described in a way that you think you’ve known them all your life. I just love how the author makes the plot unexpected and exciting.

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