by Jenna and Keilani

for Novel Madness 2013

You walk into the library and look for a book. You suddenly have a craving for pie. You see the book PIE, by Sarah Weeks. You may think that the Hobbit is a better book, but PIE is a wonderful book that is filled with amazing characters and plot. This novel has a heartwarming bond between friends and family members, it is for everyone, and the mystery captures your mind.

Very few people think that PIE is just mostly about pie; however, it’s also about friends and family. The book centers on how friends and family are important. The author uses descriptive language that simulates you in the main character’s shoes, so you can easily sense how they feel. Referring to that, PIE would be easier to understand. In the book Alice’s aunt passes away. Almost everyone knows how it feels when a loved one passes. In Hobbit, there’s not that much love. It’s mostly fighting and everyone is just killing his or her enemies.

Some people may feel that the Hobbit is for everyone, but PIE is for ages 0 to 100 because Hobbit is scary for kids. PIE does not have any violence, unlike the Hobbit, which has dwarves being hanged and almost cooked. Also, PIE doesn’t have any drugs. In Hobbit, they smoke a pipe with tobacco. Plus, two elves fall asleep drinking. PIE just deals with pie! There is no smoking nor drugs and no bad scenes for kids. Hobbit is for tweens (10 and up). PIE is for everyone, even for grandparents.

Some may say that the Hobbit is more intense than PIE; however, PIE is covered with mystery in every page. PIE has a mystery that is heartwarming and sad at the same time. First, the greatest pie maker in town passes and everyone goes crazy for her pie. Her niece tries to stop the chaos. That is the caring part. The sad part is that someone steals Aunt Polly’s cat Lardo because he supposedly has the recipes. Also, someone breaks into her pie shop leaving a mess. The mystery leaves you wanting to read more and more.

You close the book and you are satisfied with what you read. Now you don’t crave for pie because the author does a good job describing them. Some people may say that Hobbit is an awesome book, but PIE is a breathtaking novel that is occupied with pie recipes in every chapter. This novel has a positive bond between family members and friends and it’s approved for all ages. Also, the whole book is filled with secrets of the missing pies recipes. If you want more pies then vote for the novel PIE!

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6 thoughts on “Pie”

  1. Pie is a wonderful book for all ages. It is packed with love, mystery, and friendship. This book focus more on friendship and family.

  2. You guys did an amazing job explaining how great Pie is! It’s a brilliant novel that’s filled with new surprises. You two represented this captivating novel wonderfully. The true qualities of what Pie is all about are brought out through your speech! Great job!

  3. Even though Jenna and I didn’t win the 1st round of Novel Madness, I think we did a good job. PIE is really good book for families because it is mostly about families and pies! The whole book I just wanted a coconut cream pie. The author made it sound so yummy. I am really glad that I got to do Pie as my novel madness!

  4. I love this book! It shows that family is important. The intense mystery hidden in the pages captivates any reader, and I love that about this book.

  5. Lilian
    I have seen most kids reading this book and never wanting to put it down for other activities, meaning they want to continue reading, Pie.

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