Red Pyramid

pyramidThe Red Pyramid

by Arnav and Andrew for Novel Madness 2013

After school, you walk to the public library. You love magic, and you want the perfect book. Then you see it, sparkling, different from all the others. You look at the book cover. It’s the Red Pyramid! What is the book about? Magical godlings, Carter and Sadie Kane have to defeat the evil god, Set. Meeting many challenges and a few dedicated allies, they struggle to stay alive. As the final showdown approaches, they try to destroy Set’s pyramid, the source of his power. A few people might believe that Holes has lots of details, but Red Pyramid is tons more epic in many ways. With wonderful details, fun characters, and spontaneous magic, this book is sure to blow you away!

You may think Holes is very emotional, but Red Pyramid is twice as descriptive.When Sadie or Carter fly through the air as Ba, the descriptions of their bird’s eye view is given so that you see it as they would. This and many other minor improvements to description keep your eyes glued to the page. Also, every character in the book is well described from beginning to end. This helps you better understand why they do what they do. Rick Riordan also describes using all five senses, even the feeling or instinct one. You can really feel your eyes burn as you hide from Sekhmet in the salsa factory.

Some might assume that the teenage delinquents in Holes are entertaining; however, you cannot beat a powerful brother and sister surrounded by sassy gods. Set, the antagonist, is one of my favorite characters. He is a vengeance-seeking, wrathful god, with a side of justice and loyalty. Another fun goddess is Bast. Her attributes being just like her animal’s make for a great laugh in many scenes throughout the book.

Although Holes may have an interesting twist of fate, Red Pyramid’s fiction will surely influence your vote. The amazing spells performed by both gods and mortals are very exciting. Earthquakes and fireballs are surely exciting enough for you to put down Holes and pick up a copy of Red Pyramid. There are also many creatures like huge crocodiles and hilarious monkeys. They add even more spice to the delicious meal that is Red Pyramid. And unlike Holes, Red Pyramid has interesting chapter names. “Date With the God of Toilet Paper” is infinitely more alluring than Chapter 3.

You pick up the book and bring it home. You read until you finish the entire book.So now, what book do you want to vote for? We hope it’s for the Red Pyramid. It has great details, and amazing characters. The magic will keep you reading for hours. Vote for the Red Pyramid. If not, you will suffer the wrath of Set. Thanks!

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8 thoughts on “Red Pyramid”

  1. Great speech! Red Pyramid is a great book because it is has emotion and very descriptive words that simulate you in the book.

  2. I agree that the Red Pyramid is very descriptive. When someone in the book has a weird feeling, Rick Riordan describes the feeling with sentences, instead of a couple of words. Great work!

  3. This is a great book! As well as the first speech. Every chapter has its own emotions, humor, and it can be great comparing to your own life.
    This is a book i would love for everyone to read.

  4. I agree that the gods in the Red Pyramid are very interesting. Their funny and unique characteristics give the story the Red Pyramid the final touch. The story is perfectly written and I would recommend this story to anyone.

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