by Taman and Ryan for Novel Madness 2013

As you flip through the book, you can feel it coming alive in your mind. You can clearly imagine the Big Friendly Giant running in the fields with a net in his hand, attempting to catch some fantastic dreams. Little Sophie is standing next to him as he carefully puts a dream into a clear jar. Although some people may think that Matilda is a good book, most people know that the book The BFG, by Roald Dahl, is much more captivating. It is much better because the book teaches an important lesson about friendship and consequences, it is extremely descriptive, and it creates a sense of wonder for children.

Some folks may assume that The BFG doesn’t educate children any valuable moral; however, it actually teaches students a very important lesson about friendship and consequences. In the book, the strong friendship between Sophie and the BFG from the beginning until the very end helps them a lot. It helped them think of a solution for stopping the other nine horrible giants from eating any more children in the future. As a result to that, it helped them save many young innocent children from being gobbled up by giants. Children need to learn that if their friendship with others is extremely strong, it can really lead them to having very satisfying results. Also, it educates kids a great lesson about consequences. When you do something bad, like when the giants eat innocent children, then the results will not be wonderful. You can get punished and be limited to do the things you want to do for a while. For the giants, they were trapped in a very deep hole and were only give a few snozzcumbers, which are horrible tasting cucumbers, to eat. Students need to learn the lesson, too, so that they will not do the wrong thing and need to face the consequences like getting grounded for a month or no electronic devices for a week. No one wants those punishments!

Although very few people think that Matilda is descriptive, most people feel that The BFG is more jam packed with details. Right in the beginning, it says, “The moonbeam was like a silver blade slicing through the room on to her face.” I can clearly imagine Sophie in her bed, with the curtains open, as the bright moonlight in the dark night shined onto her face. Also, it says, “And the bubbles were wonderful. Sophie could actually feel them bouncing and bursting all around her tummy. It was an amazing sensation.” I can actually imagine what it felt like, with all the bubbles jumping up and down in her stomach. The BFG can easily paint a picture in your mind when you read the book. But descriptive details aren’t the only reason why The BFG is a fabulous book.

Some people may feel that the book The BFG can’t have any positive effects on students, but most people know that it actually creates a sense of wonder for children. When the BFG says things like, “Scrumdiddlyumptious!” or “Grinksludger!” it helps children appreciate the things, like man eating giants, that are not real. It helps children have a sense of wonder and imagination. With their much needed imagination, students can later on have a successful life or it can also help them solve problems in life.

Even though some people may think that Matilda is a great book, everyone believes that the book, The BFG, is the better choice. It is more captivating because it educates children on a fantastic lesson about friendship and consequences, and it is full of marvelous descriptive details that make the book come to life. It also establishes a sense of wonder and imagination for children. Vote for The BFG today!

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2 thoughts on “The BFG”

  1. This is an amazing speech! What I see is that the BFG and Sophie are great friends. I can visualize the scene or place with the description you typed in your speech. Even though you lost to Matilda, you should be happy for yourself. 😀

  2. You did an amazing job representing a great book, The BFG! I was really persuaded with your speech! I really liked the hook. You made a brilliant essay, too. Good job!

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