Wicked Hunger

In Wicked Hunger, swickediblings Vanessa and Zander have a hunger to cause pain/death to other people. With that premise, I expected this book to be bloody and gory. It’s not. In fact, the story is about Van and Zander’s efforts to help each other control their hunger. When both of them feel hunger for a new girl at school, it’s unusual. When Zander falls in love with her, Van despairs. Zander must fight all his feelings, lust and hunger, for Ivy. Meanwhile, Van is learning martial arts with a boy she’s interested in. Violence is not a good way to control hunger, and Zander is frustrated by her insistence on continuing.

Adding to the tension in the story, Van and Zander have an older brother, Oscar, who is locked up in an institution because he killed their parents. Oscar insists Van and Zander will end up like him. They vow not to. But Van’s sixteenth birthday is coming up, and Zander warns her that is a difficult time for the hunger.

There are no scenes of killing in this book. It is appropriate for young adults of all ages, but the idea is pretty scary for the younger ones. I can hardly wait until the next one comes out and continues the story of Van and Zander.

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