Clockwork Twist Synopsis

Clock face md 1BOOK ONE: WAKING

Twist has never left London, until today. Now he’s traveling on an airship—with a crew that insists they’re not pirates—on his way to find the clockwork princess because he’s the only one who can fix her…

In true Neo-Victorian style, Clockwork Twist is set in a lush and vibrant world where things are as you might expect in 1878. That is, of course, if fantastic creatures like djinn, faeries, kitsunes and vampires were commonplace. An increasing number of people are being born with supernatural senses, called Sights. While airship tourism is sweeping the globe, air-piracy is also on the rise.

Twist is among the Sighted, but his Sight is unusual. While others might be able to see and hear over great distances, find anything they can imagine anywhere in the world, or even recognize every type of flower by scent alone, Twist’s Sight shows him only damage. Whenever he touches a broken clock or machine, he can instantly understand the damage and can fix it easily. If he touches a person, even for a moment, his mind fills with a terrible vision of whatever trauma or pain once broke them. Naturally, he’s chosen a solitary existence and shuns all human contact.

Unfortunately, thanks to his seclusion, Twist is also unfamiliar with everything beyond his own clock shop, hidden away on a quiet and ever-drizzly London street. When a treasure hunter arrives at his door with proof that they have found the fabled clockwork princess—Twist’s favorite old fairy tale—it’s up to Twist alone to bring her back to life.

Set out with Twist on a harrowing journey across the world, stopping at the flying sector of Venice, the bottom of the Caspian Sea, a mountaintop palace in Nepal, an airship pirate-filled Hong Kong, and the crystal caves of Indonesia in this first installment of a long running series.  Find out first hand if Twist can actually handle any of this, or if he’ll loose his grip on sanity in the first few days.

Twist wasn’t the only one who wanted to find the clockwork princess.  Having finally rescued Myra from obscurity and ruin, Twist and Jonas must now flee Bombay and return to Europe in a desperate attempt to secure her freedom.


Continuing the story of Clockwork Twist, Book Two: Trick, follows the unassuming clockmaker and his companions as they are pursued across the globe by a mysterious and shadowy society of technology thieves. The Rooks would stop at nothing to posses Myra and all of her clockwork secrets.

Join Twist once again as he encounters wonders and absurdity beyond anything he could imagine, in this exciting steampunkadventure.  Travel with him across the Arabian Sea, through Egypt, and back into Europe by airship, steam train, and sailing ship.  Meet a whole new cast of characters, and re-encounter old friends and enemies, as Twist struggles to retain some semblance of sanity in his bizarre new lifestyle.

The intrepid three are joined along the way by magical beings of both human and mythical natures, underground kidnappers, notable inventors, and a safari enthusiast. But friends can only do so much to aid them.  In the end it’s up to Twist and Jonas to protect their princess and all of their hopes of having a future together.


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  1. Clockwork Twist Book 1 sounds like an interesting book. I think i may check it out. The summary of it is amazing. Gives you little pieces of the book, but gives you great detail.

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