Waking (Book 1: Clockwork Twist)

wakingSteampunk is a fairly new addition to my reading list, and this one is excellent. I love the character of Twist and look forward to reading absoutely everything he appears in. The world in this book is detailed and elegant, full of machinery and magic, but it’s the characters who really shine. With two full airship crews it might be easy to confuse that many characters, but the author makes each one so unique that they are immediately empathetic (even the ‘bad guys’) are likeable.

Twist is endearing as an introvert who would rather be in his shop fixing his clocks and dreaming of the clockwork princess than anywhere else. The princess is a figure from his childhood fairy tales, but what if she is real somewhere? Then a visitor comes to collect Twist and take him on a fantastic adventure aboard an airship to locate the long-missing clockwork princess. How can Twist refuse?

These are complex characters in an action-packed story. I read it in one long sitting! Book Two: Trick comes out in January 2014, and I can hardly wait to read it!

2 thoughts on “Waking (Book 1: Clockwork Twist)”

  1. This series sounds really interesting. Steampunk is another genre I’d really like to try, since I mainly read fantasy and realistic fiction.

  2. I have been noticing that many people are reading this novel and it seems very interesting. I have never read Steampunk and it seems interesting.

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