A Room of my Own

essay written by a sixth grader

A Room of My Own

by Atti

My baby sister, Annie, has taken up my old room, and I am currently sharing one with Ethan, my younger brother. You may think that I am perfectly fine, but certain circumstances that you do not realize have caused me to ask for my own space. Ethan is completely wild, you favor others over me, and I’ll promise to do my best at school and neatness.

Although you possibly could imagine I should share my “abundant space” with Ethan, my little brother is the ultimate roommate nightmare. As he’s one of the noisiest kids in the universe, his snoring sounds like a cat coughing up hairballs and keeps me up at night. Also, he pesters me, 24/7. While I’m doing my homework, he’ll pop up with his toys and beg me to play with him. Ethan’s also very unhygienic. He’ll stick his crayons up his nose if he thinks that will make him look more like a walrus.

You may think I could work it out with Ethan just by talking to him, however people (and a dog) are having a better life than me. Why Annie needs privacy, I have no idea. She too young to wear makeup, and if she did, it would smear. Besides, she doesn’t even have any hair yet! The dog gets better treatment than me, too. Stink sits on the couch all day, eating popcorn and watching TV.

Maybe you assume that letting me get my own room again is expensive, but I will guarantee that I’ll behave like the perfect child.  I’ll make sure my room keeps spotlessly clean. If you come into my room, you’ll never again find toys or papers on the floor. Besides, haven’t I been getting good grades? I’ve gotten lots of A’s lately! I promise that I’ll be responsible overall. If you find anything wrong with my new room, I’ll gladly fix it as quickly as possible.

I’ve been dividing the room with Ethan after my sister took up my former room. Ethan is no longer tolerable, and I’ve had enough watching others treated like kings while I wallow in the mud.  If you give me a new room, I will be the best kid possible. So don’t bother thinking about it when you can give me my own space back now.

8 thoughts on “A Room of my Own”

  1. This is very funny. I like your reasons a lot. Very good word choice, and I am sure if you did not have your own room your parents would construct you one immediately! 🙂


  2. I enjoyed how you made it look like you were living in extremely bad conditions! I liked how you described your brother, Ethan, and your sister, Annie.


  3. Very persuasive! I felt like giving up my own room so you could get out of living in those terrible conditions! I really liked the way you made living with your brother sound so terrible. Good job!


  4. I liked how you used your grades as exampls of why you should get your own room. I never thought of using grades. Describing how bad your life is with your brother is really supporting that you should get a new room.


  5. This is one of the funniest and most persuasive persuasive essay I’ve ever read. I have my own room, but this is surely an example I would use for an essay I’d write. 😉 🙂


  6. i know how you feel because i have to share a room with my brother also he is also very annoying and each time i try to do my home work he always keeps bugging me


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