Return to Sandahl

Return to Sandahl

A couple of years ago, some of you may remember, I had a story published in a fantasy anthology titled Visitor to Sandahl. The second volume, Return to Sandahl, is now available–and it also has a story of mine in it. Please note, these are NOT young adult stories.

The stories in both anthologies are set in Methanasia, a world created by C. Lee Brown for his novels about Cable Hornman, a traveling minstrel. The challenge to the writers of these stories was to create a plausible story in another writer’s world. It was hard!

In the first volume, my story “Road to Sandahl” featured a young girl, daughter of an innkeeper, whose family inn is burned by raiders. Her parents die and she must make her way to her uncle in Sandahl.

This new volume contains my story “Roark’s Raiders” which features the girl’s brother and his adventures as he infiltrates the raiders. It tells the story of the inn burning as the brother sees it.

Both books are available on Amazon (links above), as well as Brown’s novel, Cable Hornman, the Bard Begins.

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  1. I am looking forward to buying both books! After noticing many people reading “Road to Sandahl” I am very excited to read both books!:)

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