Novel Madness Winner 2014!

ribbonHunger Games takes the top spot!

The final round of voting in this year’s Novel Madness pitted Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins against The Candyshop War by Brandon Mull. My students listened carefully to both persuasive speeches and cast their votes. Hunger Games won with two-thirds of the ballots.


5 thoughts on “Novel Madness Winner 2014!”

  1. Hunger Games definitely deserved to win. Candy Shop War had a chance but Hunger Games pulled on top. At least finally one of Suzanne Collins’ books won.


  2. I think this was an extremely close call. Candy Shop War did, well, but I feel that The Hunger Games did better in speaking and entertainment.



  3. Woo!!! The Hunger Games is a great book, and good job to the people who did The Candy Shop War, too. I’m going to have to read The Candy Shop War though, as well as a few of the other books. All of the books sounded so interesting!


  4. I wasn’t exactly surprised that the Hunger Games won. The Hunger Games was a very popular book and many people have read it whereas Candy Shop Wars wasn’t that popular.


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