Yes, Grammar Matters

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In today’s San Jose Mercury News, the Sunday Homes section, an article by Erik J. Martin validated my entire DOL program (which often causes major parent complaints for its insistence on details). Martin writes about a study that examined more than 100,000 listings for homes priced at a million dollars or above. Those listings with perfect grammar and spelling dramatically outperformed other listings.

What this shows, according to the article, is that an agent with a grammatically perfect listing makes a better impression on buyers. That agent clearly cares about their work and is much more organized. Former students of mine are laughing now because they’ve heard this before. From me.

How refreshing to find such attention to detail out there in the real world. In today’s fast-paced Twitter and text era, abbreviations and ‘convenient spelling’ abound. I knew there was still a place for proper English, and I’m going to frame this article for my classroom wall.

Erik J. Martin was never a student of mine, although he clearly got a good education. Why then is his title not capitalized correctly?

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