Blogger Book Fair: Day 1

Welcome to the Blogger Book Fair! For the next five days I will be posting books for you to check out and giveaways for you to enter. Enjoy!

Today I’m featuring author J. C. CONWAY

Bingham’s Deep Woods Fairiescover

Fantasy | Middle Grade   Carolyn is on a fairy hunt. She has the book, she has the time, and she knows where to look. But is fairy magic, and its source, something Carolyn is ready to face?

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Silence of the Imbecilessilence-cover

Fantasy | Middle Grade

14-year-old Frankie Turnbull is fascinated with magic wands and he is very good at making them, as the enchanted beings have assured him. But with great power comes terrible consequences, and Frankie must learn to face his. Originally published by Residential Aliens, this story has been described as “very well written, understated and poignant.” While Frankie’s problems seem unusual for a 21st Century small-town kid, there is something universal at the heart of his troubles and his reaction to them.

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Author Bio:author

J. C. Conway writes romance, science-fiction, and fantasy stories for adults, young adults and middle-grade readers. He is a long-standing member of Romance Writers of America, Yosemite Romance Writers, the World Science Fiction Society, and Mystery Writers of America. He is also a complex-litigation attorney, a former high-school math and computer science teacher, a family man, and a fan of great fiction that stretches the imagination, probes the depths of the human condition or otherwise illuminates the unknown or the misunderstood. J. C. Conway’s passion for writing began early. He loved grade school assignments that allowed him to write about whatever he wanted, which generally meant at the time, in no particular order, dinosaurs, robots, giant insects, mass destruction, army heroes and alien invaders. Since then he’s added romance, tense personal conflict and emotional dilemmas.

His debut novel, Hearts in Ruin, a contemporary romance about two archaeologists on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery, was released by Liquid Silver Books May 5, 2014. His short stories have appeared in Tales of the Talisman, Mystic Signals, Battlespace (a charitable publication, the proceeds of which go to help wounded veterans through the Warrior Cry Music Project) and many other print an online publications. A full listing of his work is available at his website: http://jcconway.com .


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