Tech 1; Teacher 0


Teachers plan for weeks for the first day of school. Handouts are copied, art projects prepared, desks set up…and computers plugged in. Today was the first day of school for me, and I welcomed 34 sixth graders. Now keep in mind that I hooked up my computer, document camera, printer, and smart board yesterday and everything worked.

So today I went to project my first day presentation, and I didn’t have the right pigtail that connects my computer to the projector. I’d left it at home. Another teacher and I fiddled with our schedules so that I could use hers when she was done. I turned on my doc cam and had to turn it off and on three times before it worked. Later, I went to use my older computer, the one I had the correct pigtail for, and the connection didn’t work. I tried other computers, still didn’t work. That trusty pigtail that I’ve used for years is dead. And one of the computers I unplugged blacked out–battery is dead. I tried to log on to Google Drive to show a slide show, and my poor tired old computer fixated itself in an old student’s account. It would not log into mine. I finally decided to print the slides and show them under the doc cam. If you’re paying attention, you probably know what happened next. Printer was out of ink.

So I spent the day in a state of frustrated discombobulation. My wonderful new students were very patient, but I’m sure I came off as horrible disorganized. Tonight I will sleep. Tomorrow I will banish the tech devils in my classroom. And it will be a better day.

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  1. I feel your pain! I always say it’s not if the computers fail, but when. That’s why I love real books. Hope this year in the classroom is as wonderful as it can be.

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