The Guardian Herd: Landfall

landfallThe Guardian Herd: Landfall, by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez, is the third book in the Guardian Herd series. I didn’t know that when I bought it, and the story worked very well anyway. Now I have to go buy the first two and the last one, too! If you have read my books, you may guess why I picked up the book in the first place–flying horses! Then I found out the author also lives in Northern California. Done deal.

The story centers around a black flying horse named Starfire who is badly injured. The evil Nightwing will stop at nothing to kill Starfire, and he’s offered a reward to any pegasus who will turn him over. The herds split in their loyalties, some to Star and some to Nightwing. Star’s supporters unite, although it is a tentative agreement, and hide Starfire while he recovers.There is both friendship and jealousy among his friends. Meanwhile, Nightwing’s support grows stronger.

This novel is aimed for middle grade readers. Older students who like simpler stories will love it, too. The horses are wonderfully complex characters. Star realizes a war is coming, but he is reluctant to hurt any of the pegasi on either side. Girls will love the beautiful pegasi and flowing language. Boys will love the intensity of the action and upcoming battle.

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