Aloha Spirit (Coming Soon!)

To be published by She Writes Press in Fall of 2020 * Distributed to the trade by Ingram Publisher Services


Aloha means more than a casual Hawai’ian greeting. The spirit of aloha is found in the fresh ocean air, the flowers, the trade winds…all the natural beauty that smooths the struggles of daily life. To live the aloha spirit means recognizing the positive characteristics within yourself so that you can respect the life energy of humans, animals, nature. What is recognized will come into being and endure. (paraphrased from Hawaii’s Aloha Spirit law) 

For DOLORES JAMES, in 1922 Honolulu, the search for aloha spirit is a lifelong journey that takes her through abandonment, servitude, and abuse. When her father leaves her with a Hawaiian family who treats her like a servant, Dolores dreams of escaping.

After marrying MANOLO, Dolores is embraced by his large Portuguese family. When Manolo’s drinking leads to physical abuse, ALBERTO comes to her rescue. Dolores and Alberto fall in love, but staunch Catholics can’t divorce, and if she leaves her husband she loses his family, too. After Pearl Harbor is attacked, Dolores flees with her two daughters to California, determined to find aloha for the three of them. Manolo’s arrival shatters her dream, but Alberto follows soon after. Somehow Dolores must discover how aloha can grow despite forbidden love.