The Engineer’s Wife by Tracy Enerson Wood

In 1869, Washington A. Roebling is commissioned as the chief engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge, one of America’s most iconic structures. His wife, Emily Roebling, is a keen advocate for women’s suffrage, at a time when American society expects her to stay home and support her husband silently. But when Washington falls ill on the… Continue reading The Engineer’s Wife by Tracy Enerson Wood


Irena’s War by James D. Shipman

Another World War II novel about the Warsaw ghetto. That's what I thought when I received a copy of this book for review. And while it's true that much of the background is familiar, every person who lived through this historical horror has their own story. Irena Sendler was a Polish resistance fighter who helped… Continue reading Irena’s War by James D. Shipman

Guest post/Interview

Writing Historical Female Characters by Jill G. Hall

Guest post by author Jill G. Hall I’m the author of a dual timeline series about women searching for their place in the world connected by vintage finds. All three novels feature present day artist Anne McFarland and a counterpart female character from the past. I’ve been drawn to time periods undergoing social change for… Continue reading Writing Historical Female Characters by Jill G. Hall


Free Holiday Dessert Recipes!

As Christmas approaches, many people engage in frantically shopping for last minute gifts. This year, all online retailers are struggling to get their product out through overwhelmed delivery services. I know I'm biting my nails waiting for a few items I ordered. What if I offered you an alternative? Here is a beautiful gift that… Continue reading Free Holiday Dessert Recipes!


Merry Christmas!

(originally posted December 15, 2016) Every year at this time, I hear cheery calls of "Happy Holidays!" and "Season's Greetings!" I say, "Merry Christmas." People say that Happy Holidays doesn't offend non-Christians who don't celebrate Christmas, that the proper way to greet someone whose religious background you don't know is a generic "Season's Greetings." I… Continue reading Merry Christmas!