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MY REVIEW POLICY: My favorite books to read are historical fiction and fantasty, but I will read/review any genre of fiction. I do not review nonfiction. If you are an author or a publisher that would like me to review your book, I will read Kindle or print. Send me an email with a synopsis of the book. If you would like to be a Featured Author on this site, send me an email with a short bio to FLYINGHORSEBOOKS (a)t GMAIL (dot) COM. If you are a young adult and you don’t have your own blog, I will be happy to post your review here with your name on it. Include the title, the author, a short summary that doesn’t give too much away, and some commentary on the theme or character arc. Email it to me!

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3 thoughts on “Book Reviews”

  1. I love your blog because I really like to read. I read most of the books that you have review because of school reading projects. Now I have a summer reading project where I have to read ” how to read literature like a professor” by Thomas C. Foster and Dracula by Bram Stoker. Do you mind checking out my post on reviewing the beginning of these books it would mean a lot, also I’m planning to do a updated review on the books when I’m done. I followed you, mind following back? Last thing in the future if your up to it want to do a collab on a book review? Just a thought. 🙂

    -Caution to the wind

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Let me know when you post reviews and I’ll check them out. It would be fun to collaborate on a book review. What do you want to read?

      1. My first thought I would be to say let’s read ” The Fault In Our Star” since the movie has been out for a while now I feel like the buzz has dial. In September there is this movie coming out called ” The Maze Runner” which I feel is going to be a success because it’s kinda like the hunger games in a way because it’s science fiction and has dystopian feel. Since it will be coming out in September I feel like when opening weekend comes we should be at the end or the ending chapters of the book. We would be posting the review that weekend which in a nutshell we bring traffic to our sites because after a major movie comes out that’s a book everyone is probably going to want the book to read in there book club or to read alone. Lol 🙂 from my long explanation you can see why I think we should read “The Maze Runner”. Do you think that would be good choice? Yay or Nay

        -Caution to the wind

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