Catching Fire

Catching FireCatching Fire

by Sean and Joshua for Novel Madness 2013

For the second year in a row, Catching Fire is one of the class’s favorite books. Read what these students wrote for Novel Madness 2013.

Did you ever read a book that makes you want to keep on reading and never stop? If you didn’t, and you want to experience that feeling, I know Catching Fire is your book. I want you to read this book because it has plenty of good ideas, action, and has great description. Even though some people may think that other books are more interesting, Catching Fire is full of many interesting events, action, suspense, danger, and romance that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Although some people may think that other books have many descriptive events, most people know that Catching Fire tops them all with a lot of description throughout the story. All the pages of the book are full of descriptions that show pain, agony, and emotion. In the book, I actually imagined the pain that all of the characters went through. This book has so much description you will never want to put it down. This is how I felt while reading this. I know that when we want to a book to read, we want one with descriptive events that we can picture. If there were no descriptive events, I wouldn’t want to read it because then it would be boring.

Some people may think that other books have more action; however, Catching Fire is number one when it comes to action. In Catching Fire all the pages are full of action. People are beaten in the story and more. When you read a book like this, I know that you won’t want to put it down. There are also very cool scenes in the book like poisonous fog. I thought that this was very cool, wouldn’t you? It is fog that can kill or make you very sick. Suzanne Collins describes the scene around them so that you are able to picture it perfectly. Wouldn’t you want to have a book like this?

Even though you may think that other books are good, most people know Catching Fire is ten times better then all of them. This book has nonstop action and suspense that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat while you read. This book is full of amazing twists, and action that will surely make you never want to put the book down. Responses that I have heard from other people are all about how they all imagined themselves as part of the story. I agree with all that they are saying because this book is amazing. Scenes in this book include some violence and some romance scenes. If you read this book, you will never put this down.

Overall, these are the reasons why we strongly know that Catching Fire is better than any other book in novel madness. Catching Fire has lots of things that happen, assumptions, detail, and anything that you want a book to have. When you read this, you will imagine and picture the details and everything that the book has to offer. Now you know why we recommend it! Now go and tell the world how awesome the book Catching Fire really is. Thank you for listening to our speech.

Catching Fire

by Kassandra and Caitlin for Novel Madness 2012

The book Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is about a seventeen year old girl Katniss who goes to an arena for the second time to fight to the death with twenty-three other tributes. This time the tributes are more skilled and experienced.

Catching Fire is an exciting, adventurous book. There is nonstop, suspenseful action that keeps you hooked in. This book is different and unique. Other books have the same old boring topic. There are many characters with a variety of personalities that are easy to relate to. Catching Firehas an amazing, complex plot that makes you want to read on. It has descriptive detail that helps you visualize the scene. It is a great fantasy book with a fantasy world that makes you want to read or learn more about.

The characters in  Catching Fire may be older but they go through the same emotions as we do. They have times when they are depressed from losing families. They have times when they give up because they do not think they are good enough. The characters in  Catching Fire are just like us except in a different world living different lives.

Parents may say that this book is violent and sad because it has children fighting to the death, but that is not what this book is about. It is about family and how Katniss made a promise to her sister that she would try to come back home to her. She perseveres throughout the book and tries her best to fulfill her promise to her sister. She may face some difficulties but in the end it is all about returning home to her sister.

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  1. Submitted on 2012/05/10 at 8:56 am

    I am halfway through with The Hunger Games, and this review got me hooked in to start reading the next book right away! But I’m still going to try to finish the first book first. I’ve been waiting to watch the Hunger Games movie, but I refused to until I finish the book. The movie for Catching Fire is coming out during November 2013, and I’m really excited about that!

  2. Submitted on 2012/05/10 at 9:51 am

    This is a great review! Katniss is a wonderful character. Now, I want to read Catching Fire again! 🙂 I agree, this book is not about violence. I love the theme, too, about family and Katniss’s love for her sister.

  3. i just finished Catching Fire and I can’t believe President Snow hates Katniss sooo much he would put her in the arena along with the other tributes again. I can’t wait to read Mockingjay 😛 go Katniss!

    1. I agree. I couldn’t believe that President Snow would hate Katniss that much! Katniss is such a brave character. I hope to read Mocking Jay soon.

  4. Catching Fire has a fantastic plot, and it has great descriptive words. You can easily feel how Katniss feels throughout the story.

  5. Your description of the book is great! I also think this book is chock full of action . I am reading the book right now and it is terrific! Great job

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