Daughter of the Centaurs

Daughter of the Centaurs, by Kate Klimo, is set in an instantly engaging new world. Malora lives in a primitive society, but as you read you realize this is actually set far in the future. Malora wants to be a horse wrangler and a hunter, just like her father, but when Leatherwings attack she needs her horse skills just to survive. Then she, and her herd of magnificent wild horses, is captured by a group of centaurs and taken to their city as the last living human. Dazed by the luxury of her new home and dazzled by the centaurs, Malora must decide if she should give up what she is to become part of the centaurs’ world.

One of my favorite parts of this novel is when Malora encounters the catlike servants to the centaurs. She refers to them as ‘pussemboos’ because she they remind her of an ancient fairy tale called Puss in Boots. The book is filled with references to our culture as ancient, and it helps engage the reader. The lavish description of the wilderness where Malora lives with her herd of horses is breathtaking, and the city of the centaurs is amazing in its ostentatious luxury. I truly wanted to be transported into this world!

The story of Malora, who even at the beginning wants to be something she can’t, is compelling. She escapes the slaughter of her family and village and has the strength to survive. Faced with the foreign world of the centaurs, she begins to make a place for herself. Malora is a survivor. At the end of this book, she is faced with decisions that affect her future. I can hardly wait for the next book so I can follow her journey!