Dragon Rider

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Dragon Rider

by Kevin

Dragon Rider, by Cornelia Funke, is about this dragon that’s named Drake Fire that went off because all of the other dragons turned to stone. In this adventure the dragon finds a human boy on the way. They fly over the globe to find the dragon rider’s tome. They meet many creatures that help the in the journey like dwarfs and a sea serpent. Drake Fire had to be brave to save his people from being stone forever by fighting the golden dragon who turned the dragons into stone. I’d do the same for the human race in this situation. Drake Fire was scared that he’d be extinct, and I would feel sacred if I was going to be extinct as well. I can also relate to the child that’s helping the dragon. This book has suspense and action along the way so the reader can be entertained. All in all Dragon Rider is a great book to read.

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