Ender’s Game

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Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, is a science fiction novel perfect for anyone who’s ever played video games. The main character, Ender Wiggin, is a boy taken at a young age to be groomed for war. His mission is to eradicate the race known as Buggers, who have twice tried to destroy Earth.

From the beginning Ender stands out as a gifted strategist. As his skills develop, he is unbeatable. His character is alternately likable and brutally violent, but he is always interesting. Because the Battle School is highly competitive, friendships are difficult for Ender. When he is promoted early to Command, he expects it to be worse but the war games continue with people he likes and respects. By the time the war is over, though, Ender’s personal development has taken a disturbing turn. Sorry, no spoilers here–you have to read the book!

The ending to this novel is wonderful. It causes the reader to rethink everything that happened, and wonder about the consequences of Ender’s actions and his very education. I am not a rabid video game player, but I enjoyed every minute of this novel. There are other novels in this series that I am now going to find and read!

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  1. Submitted on 2011/09/19 at 9:19 am

    Yes indeed.
    The sequel for this is more for adults – It displays Ender as a adult, and more mature, with less action involved. If you are a child that read this, I reccomend Ender’s Shadow very much – A wonderful book.
    I am honestly suprised that Ender hasn’t gone insane.

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