The picture book Fox, by Margaret Wild, is a moving story of friendship and betrayal. It is notyour little sister of brother’s picture book. Magpie feels sorry for herself because she has a burnt wing, but Dog encourages her to ride on his back. He is blind in one eye, but with Magpie watching for him, Dog can run fast enough to simulate flying. Then Fox arrives. Jealous of their friendship, he steals Magpie away and abandons her in the desert.

Filled with incredible vocabulary that paints a vivid image of the forest where the characters live and the emotions that overcome them, Fox is a language treasure as well as a good story. New words name trees found in Australia, and fabulous phrases

Anyone who has ever suffered in a friendship will feel a pang in their heart when they read this book. It showcases the joy of friendship and how quickly that can be destroyed. When Magpie realizes what Fox has done, she is overcome with remorse and sets out to find Dog. The story ends before they are reunited, leaving the reader to wonder if Dog will understand. Will he welcome Magpie back? Will he be hurting too much himself? A fantastic writing exercise would be to write the sequel to this story, or to write this one from Dog’s point of view.

Have you read it? What was your favorite part? favorite phrase?

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    This book is great I love the description and the way that the author wrote the story. I enjoy the pictures and the characters. A line that i love is ‘He flickered like a tongue of fire’

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      That was a great description because we feel what he is feeling.

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      Good description. ‘ He flickered like a tongue of fire’

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      yes this is a great book. i has really good desciptions like when fox was running away. this book is amazing.

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    I have read the book Fox and I liked it. In the beginning, Magpie was a bit mean to Dog. Magpie didn’t think Dog could run fast enough that it made Magpie like they were flying. Towards the middle, Dog didn’t really trust Fox when he introduced himself. Magpie got dumped in the middle of nowhere Because of his own greed. In the end of the story Magpie slowly hops over to the cave where Dog is in. I don’t know if Magpie will make the long journey to the cave? I also wonder if Fox ever had a relationship like Dog and Magpie’s?

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      Fox will proberly will not get a great friend because of the way he acts, thats the reason why he dropped the bird off. The fox is jelous and if keeps on acting that way, he will not have a friendship like them.

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    That is a fabulous review! I have read the book “Fox” and it was wonderful. My heart dropped when the fox shook Magpie off his back and abandoned Magpie. My favorite part was when dog and Magpie became friends. The descriptive language is so detailed pictures are not required. There was one phrase when the described Fox running so fast it looked like a burning flame. That was pretty amazing! This book is truly a book about friendship!

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    I loved the book Fox. It really showed how the bird and the dogs friendship were. I shows that even if fox is a faster runner than dog. Dog is bird’s friend and it shows how he shouldn’t have taken fox’s offer.

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    This book has very great words that they use that are very good for writing. My favorite part was where the dog tells the bird that he will be his wings and bird will be his eyes. I disliked the part when the bird went with the fox and i felt that the bird deserves to be dropped into the desert. The dog would most likely to let the bird back in because the dog was very generous, but i think at first he would feel a bit betrayed and he wouldn’t feel that he is good enough for the bird.

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      I agree, if Fox keeps on acting like how he is he will never get a good friend.

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    Of course the entire class has read this book together, but I really enjoyed how much detail and vocabulary the author uses. Mrs.Ulleseit, I agree that this is no ordinary picture book! One part I really enjoyed was when the author describes how Magpie felt like she was actually flying while she was on dog’s back. This is a great example of a book that has an indirect theme/moral about friendship!

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    I like this book because Fox is jealous because bird and dog have each other and Fox is lonely. At the end of the book Fox tricks bird into going with him. Fox runs far away with bird on his back. When they get for away, Fox tells bird to get of his back and abandons her in the hot desert.

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    I like the names in this book. The animals have names of what type of animal they are.I think Dog is a good friend. He encourages Magpie that having a burnt wing isn’t the end of the world.

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    The book Fox was awesome. It gave me lots of new vocabulary, but I hate Fox. Not the book “Fox,” but the character. I think Magpie is a big fool because running fast is nearly nothing compared to Dog’s friendship.

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    Like the dog when his friend leaves him. I thought the bird loved the dog. That foolish bird for doing that to his friend. I thought bird was nicer. But I guess not he gave up his closest friend to fly again. Why oh why bird. After all I wouldn’t do that. That poor poor dog.

  11. I like it when Magpie says to Fox ” Dog is my wings and I am his missing eye.” Fox tricked Magpie into leaving Dog and then she was sad when she was left in the cave all alone. She now felt how it felt to truly be alone. When Magpie left with Fox and Dog wakes up I wonder how he will feel.

  12. I absolutely love this book! I like the discription in the book. At the very end I liked how Magpie heard the scream of despair or triumph.

  13. This book has great words that grabs the reader’s attention. In the end, it said,”She didn’t know if it was a laugh of triumph, or despair.” It might be a laugh of triumph because Fox had separated Magpie and Dog. It also could be a laugh of despair because Fox still don’t have a friend.

  14. This book shows lots of friendship and betrayal. Magpie gave up her best friend, Dog, so she can fly. Fox runs faster but leaves Magpie in the desert. Fox is so lonely he tries to break up the relationship of Dog and Magpie. In the end Fox has succeeded in leaving Magpie away from Dog but is sad he is still lonely again. That shows Magpie betrays Dog but their friendship kept her to keep going and try to find Dog.

  15. I love the book Fox. I think that Magpie gets what she deserves. Dog took her in and cared for Magpie. Magpie didn’t feel like she was flying on Dog’s back so she went with Fox. I do not like Fox; he split apart Magpie and Dog.

  16. The book Fox is a great picture book. This book teaches a valuable lesson about friendship and betrayal. Another good thing about this book is that it uses beautiful illustrations and great description. I also like the idea the author used to leave the reader thinking at the end.

  17. I think I learned a lesson in here. It’s about friendship and betrayal. The book also describes the action really well.

  18. I love this book’s great description. It has such rich vocabulary, and I never get bored of the book! This book is about friendship and betrayal. The illustrations are just wonderful and beautiful to me! 😀

  19. I really love the book Fox. It makes you so many emotions that you may have never felt reading a picture book before. I felt so bad for Dog since he was betrayed by his dearest friend. However, you feel ashamed at the decision that Magpie makes, yet you feel a bit sorry for her because she was tricked by Fox. Usually, you don’t feel any good emotions for the antagonist, but in Fox’s case you don’t only feel angered by Fox for doing such a mean thing to Magpie but fell sympathy as well since he is so lonely. All of the emotions that you feel while reading the book Fox join altogether to make an indescribable one. Also, I really like the fact that the ending a bit of a mystery to let complete imagination take over. Fox is definitely a book that you will always enjoy and wonder about.

  20. Fox is a wonderful descriptive book. The action is emotional and the pictures are very well drawn to match the story’s description. The ending leaves you thinking about what is going to happen next. Anyone who is a lover of picture books will fall in love with the book just from the start.

  21. This book is all about betraying. Magpie missed his time when he could fly, so he betrayed Dog and joined Fox. When Fox left Magpie in the desert, Magpie regretted his decision.

  22. I like the relationship between Magpie and Dog even though they eventually leave each other. I don’t like the whole “betraying” thing.

  23. I love the vocabulary that the author used! Fox is a great picture book. At the end, I loved how the author describes that Magpie hears either a scream of triumph or a scream of despair.

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