Gilgamesh the King

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Gilgamesh the King

by Jordan

The story Gilgamesh the King, by Ludmilla Zeman, is about a king who knows how to be a god but not a human. He tries to kill Enkidu to be the best.

I think Gilgamesh is a bad person. He makes people do hard labor. I also think that he is anti-social because he has no friends. People who have no friends usually are grumpy, so that is probably why he tortured his citizens. Gilgamesh is a very selfish king. He doesn’t care what the citizens think, he only cares what he thinks. Since he is now friends with Enkidu, I predict in the next story he will show other people why not to be selfish and mean.

Enkidu is the opposite of Gilgamesh because he is a loyal and kind god. He is very loyal to his animal friends because when a hunter was hunting one of them, Enkidu took the hunter down. He is a very kind person. When Gilgamesh and he were fighting on the wall, and Gilgamesh fell off, Enkidu saved his life.

Shamhat, a beautiful woman who was sent to get Enkidu, has bad taste in men. Afte she has done her job, she still sticks with Enkidu. The pictures show Enkidu as a hairy man, so I don’t get why she stays with him. If I were her, I would ditch him right away because I wouldn’t like a guy with hair on every square millimeter of his body. He also looks like a homeless man.

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    Ohmygod. I didn’t notice that about Shamhat until I read the review. Nice job, Jordan!

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