Hex Hall


Hex Hall

by Catherine and Rheya

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins is a mix of genres, which makes the plot of the story exiting and not overwhelming. The characters have the personalities of actual people, but they are witches, shape shifters, or fairies. You can easily relate to them and feel the pain they go through. Hex Hall is part of a series and you can never get tiered of it. Kids of all ages and gender can read it. There is enough of action, suspense, romance, and fun. There are also various ranges of characters, which make the book filled with personality.

There is a completed rollercoaster in each book, which provides descriptive details and suspenseful action. The mysterious features of the book make it memorable and exciting. This type of writing reminds people of many wonderful times in life. This book ranked in the top sixteen for novel madness. This book may not seem like a quick read but once you are hooked it is.

There is not a time where you want to put the book down because of its great detail and plot. In addition to this book, there are two more following! Even if there is no movie created on it, the great action in the book makes up for it. The book has some parts, which have a lot of description, which is a good thing. You can clearly see the images created by the words.

Overall the book has everything you want in an exhilarating novel. The great detail, suspense, and emotion leave you wanting more. The mix of genres in the book lets all readers like it! The main character, Sophie wants to get out of the juvenile detention school, but at the end she finds out a secret about her family, which shows how much she has changed throughout the story. Hex Hall is a great book and it has more books to it.

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  1. This book looks really appealing. The cover looks like it would be a great book. I like how this book has a mix of genres. I can’t wait to read it.

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