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The novel, Holes, by Louis Sachar, is perfect for boys who don’t like to read. Girls will like it, too, as will boys who enjoy reading. The book illustrates the power of friendship as well as the ability of an individual to grow strong in an oppressive situation. Stanley is falsely accused of a crime, convicted, and sent to a detention facility where the warden works the boys all day in the desert sun for her own mysterious purposes.

As is usual in these types of books, at first Stanley doesn’t fit in. He doesn’t belong there, and feels out of place with society’s castoff children. He makes friends with Zero, one of the least capable boys, and they are both picked on by the bigger boys.

Later in the story, Stanley and Zero uncover an old mystery that ties the two of them together in other ways. The twists and turns of the plot keep readers flipping the page. Most students I have talked to gush that they read this one in a single sitting because it is just impossible to put down.

One of my favorite parts of this book is that the adults aren’t idiots. Stanley is the hero, but his parents are supportive and loving for a change.


by Jessica and Cathleen for Novel Madness 2013

You walk through a library, trying to find the perfect book. It’s the book Holes written by Louis Sachar. Some people might think the book The Red Pyramid is better than Holes; however, most people know that there are much more reasons that the book Holes is a better book. The story is full of friendship, have a well-written beginning, middle, and end, and it has a wide amount of descriptions.

Some people might feel that The Red Pyramid is a good book; however, many people know that Holes is full of friendship. Stanley Yelnats makes friends with X-Ray, Armpit, Zigzag, Squid, and Magnet. Later on he made friends with Zero. They taught him to not trust a lot of people. He and Zero become really close, when they escaped Camp Greenlake and tried to survive the desert. Stanley protected and cared for Zero when he became sick. They show the reader the true meaning of friendship, trust, and cooperation.

Although some people may possibly think that The Red Pyramid has a well- developed story, Holes has a great beginning middle and end. In the beginning, the book tells you about what happened to Stanley and how he ended in jail. The book describes with details, but not too much that makes the reader bored. The middle is long, and a little complicated, but the way it’s described is very enjoyable. The story is in sequence, and very easy to follow. While The Red Pyramid, is a bit boring in the middle. The ending is straightforward and actually tells you what happens, while in The Red Pyramid, you have to wait until the sequel and it’s a complicated.

Some people may feel that The Red Pyramid has good details, but in Holes, the scenes are described so well that the readers can actually see what’s happening. The way that they described the camp made my throat dry. Also, when the story described Mr. Sir screaming, the vivid description made me feel that I was in the scene. This is what it said, “Suddenly, Mr. Sir screamed and clutched his face with both hands. He let himself fall over, rolling off the hearth and onto the rug.” And this was the scene after Mr. Sir fell to the floor. “Stanley could see the muscles on his face jump and twitch. His body writhed in pain.” Just reading it could make a reader flinch.

Just then, you finally found the book that you longed for so long. Holes. The story Holes is full of friendship, have a well-written beginning middle and end, and has a huge amount of sensory details. Now all you have to do is to vote for Holes when the teacher asks you to.

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