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Invisible, by Jeanne Bannon, depicts an overweight teen who wishes she could disappear. Lola is tall, large stature, and she doesn’t fit in. Her parents are odd, she is bullied, and no one supports her but her best friend and grandmother. When she discovers she does, indeed, have the power to become invisible, the tempation to misuse it is strong.

There are many reasons to feel that you don’t belong in a situation. If you attend an event and are dressed too casually, or too dressy, you might feel awkward. If the people you are with are all smarter than you, or skinnier, or all know about things you don’t, you feel left out, different. In such situations, you want to disappear. Has anyone thought beyond that? What would happen if you actually could disappear? What then?

This book explores seventeen year old Lola’s journey into that What If. It is a simply woven tale, appropriate for preteens, that lays out Lola’s options for revenge on those that have bullied her. She’s invisible, so revenge is tempting. I won’t spoil the ending by telling you what Lola decides and how she arrives at her decision, but put yourself in her place. If you could somehow harass those that made you feel left out, even just a little, would you?

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    Thank you very much for your kind words about my novel. I very much appreciate it 😀

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