Maze of Bones

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Maze of Bones

by Marina and Quentin

The book Maze of Bones, by Rick Riordan, is the number one book voted out of the top 16 in our class. This book is better than the rest because of the unique plot, relatable characters, good length, and interesting details in the writing.

The plot of Maze of Bones is very different from other storylines. It hooks you in with a suspenseful mystery, which continues with many twists and turns that the reader would never have anticipated. The action keeps you from losing interest, but never lets you be confused. Also, the threat against the main characters constantly keeps you turning the pages. When you read this amazing story, you will never put the book down until you’ve finished it.

Another highlight of the story is the well-developed characters. They each have a distinct personality, which adds to the storyline. They aren’t plastic, see-through characters where you can hardly tell who is who. These main characters, Amy and Dan, have a lot of depth to them. You can feel what they feel through the story, and you can easily relate to them because of their age. The characters in this book are truly one of a kind.

Maze of Bones is also a very good-sized book. It is not too long, and not too short. Some people may think that longer books give more useful information; however, if a story is too long, the reader can get bored. Besides, there are more books in the series. And that’s where the other books in the series come in.

Also, the writing itself in this book makes the story more enjoyable. Interesting descriptions help you understand more about what is going on, without dragging on and on forever, as some books do. The author describes the scenes in the story very well, especially the action. You can feel the tension in the situation, and get worried about what might be the outcome. Though there is not much challenging vocabulary, you can still enjoy the writing of the Maze of Bones.

The book the Maze of Bones, by Rick Riordan, is certainly a story everyone should read. This story features a very unique plot, developed characters, great descriptive detail, and a length that doesn’t bore readers. So go buy this book today! Don’t worry, you won’t regret it!


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7 thoughts on “Maze of Bones”

  1. Submitted on 2012/05/10 at 8:42 am

    I’ve never read any of the 39 Clues books yet, but this review changed my mind. You’re right. If a book is too long, it makes me bored, unless it’s greatly written like The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. I’m definitely going to get the book, or perhaps the whole series, whenever I get a chance to!!

  2. Submitted on 2012/05/10 at 8:58 am

    I also have never read the 39 Clues series; however this review makes me want to read them. I love b

  3. Submitted on 2012/05/10 at 9:50 am

    That’s an amazing review. I’ve read the 39 Clues books (3 of them). And what the review says about Maze of Bones is totally true and makes me wanna read it again! I agree, the characters in the book are one of a kind

  4. Submitted on 2012/05/10 at 4:59 pm

    I read the whole first series last year,and they were great! In fact, I finished the first eleven books in less than two weeks. It was EXTREMELY tempting to pick up a book from the 39 Clues series that I didn’t finish yet. Now, I finished the third book from the second series, Cahills vs. Vespers, I’m and waiting for the fourth book to come out. I wonder what the title will be, and what new surprises will there be? 😉

    1. Submitted on 2012/05/15 at 5:20 pm | In reply to Sean.

      Actually, the fourth tittle is “Shatterproof” by Roland Smith. It is supposed to come out on September 4th.

  5. I love the series of the 39 clues. I feel sorry for Amy and Dan because their beloved grandmother passed away. Still, to leave the hardship and danger of finding all of the clues to Amy and Dan, I think i unbelievable. Though, the dangers they have to face makes me not want to put the book down. I think that this is an awesome book.

  6. The 39 Clues is an epic book! I love the Kabras, Ian and Natalie! They’re Lucians, just like Irina! I can’t believe Irina because at the end, her heart suddenly turns good and she helps Amy, Dan, and Alistair Oh get out of the fire. She actually sacrificed herself for them.

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