Merchant of Death

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Merchant of Death

by Sahith and Valerie

The Merchant of Death, by D. J. Machale, is an amazing book. It is a Sci- Fi and Fantasy fiction. The Merchant of Death is a wonderful book in the series of Pendragon. Most books are too short or too long, and it loses the reader’s interest. The Merchant of Death is the correct size for a book to be. The books that go on forever lose the reader’s interest instantly. Short books leave the reader confused or needing more information, or they do not give enough of a storyline, therefore nothing is understood.

Pendragon is a wonderful series with ten amazing books to read. You can enjoy more than just reading one short book. The storyline is fully developed, giving the answers to all the questions you have in the tenth book. The Merchant of Death is the start of the series and is filled with questions that keep you motivated to finish all ten books. Then it makes you want to read the series over and over.

People who never read Merchant of Death can try the book and relate a lot of things about it. Robert “Bobby” Pendragon is one.  Bobby Pendragon is a normal boy with human feelings, unlike many other books. He goes on a huge adventure, but still has time to live a normal life with his best friend Mark and “girlfriend” Courtney. You can relate with your love of different worlds, too. Each character has a world that reflects on their abilities and feelings.

The Merchant of Death ranked as one of the best top sixteen books for our class. It is a New York Times bestseller. It as been rated amazing by many authors and it is read by people of all ages.

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