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On a Wing and a Dare

Oh, so tacky to write my own review of my own book! I had to put it here, though, because I’m so very proud of it. Here is what some of the Amazon and Goodreads reviews say:

Lots to love about this book, and I recommend it. ” Linda Benson

Quite a page turner. ” JP

Both boys and girls will love it! ” Leila Springer

“Love, treachery, FLYING HORSES, and adventure are packed in to this wonderful first novel from Linda Ulleseit. Set in a medieval Wales town called Tremirson; a young woman, Emma, works with two brothers to try and save the flying horses which are the legacy of their town. Navigating the infuriating politics of the adults, and her own confused heart – Emma, with Davyd and Evan, must figure out what is wrong with the herd and save the traditions of Tremirson.
Linda’s passion for storytelling shines in this novel. Highly recommend On a Wing and a Dare. Jeannette Lewis

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