Twin Souls

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Twin Souls, by DelSheree Gladden, is a modern tale of true love caught in ancient tradition. Uriah and Claire are in love, but when they approach the Elders of their Tewa tribe they are told they are not twin souls and can never marry. The entire villae is shocked, and Uriah is too upset to accept the ruling. When Claire’s father poisons her, the healer says only Claire’s true twin soul can save her. Uriah vows to find him, even if it means he will lose Claire forever.

This novel is a fantastic read! From the very first page, the reader roots for Claire and Uriah as they struggle to be together. The mystical pull of the twin soul is easy for the modern mind to discount, but both Claire and Uriah are unwillingly pulled away from each other to their twin souls.

A wonderful mix of fantasy and legend, romance and adventure, this first novel of the Twin Souls trilogy will make you long to help the young characters make it all right. Shaxoa’s Gift and Qaletaqa finish the story of Uriah and Claire–have them handy because you won’t want to stop reading between them!

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      I enjoyed all three, Sheree! I just didn’t want to ruin the ride for everyone else! Thanks for commenting!

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